LLC BIOMINERAL develops and manufactures biological preparations according to its own technology.

The applied technologies for the production of biologic drastically reduce prices and requirements to the conditions for obtaining and storing bio preparations. The bio preparations which exists today are very difficult to manufacture and also they are very demanding on storage conditions, which directly affects the shelf life and activity of preparations. How higher are the requirements, such a harder it is to comply.

Our technology of immobilization of biological products on modified sorbents obtained from natural materials with the good adsorbing ability (zeolites, diatoms, Mennonite, etc.) dramatically prolongs the shelf life of biological products, ensures high safety and activity of microorganisms, at least 2 years or more, with storage under normal conditions. Technologies for producing nanoparticles of natural materials allow us to expand the class of immobilized microorganisms for which sorbents are a preserving medium and prolong the shelf life and activity of the preparations.

The developed technologies and their further improvement will make the production and use of Bio-nano drugs affordable. LLC “Biomineral” is Immobilizing biological substances on naturally modified composites. Therefore, drying the products is also quite simple and does not require low temperatures and vacuum (the process of lyophilisation), which are inevitable in other technologies.

In comparison with other similar products, the cost of LLC “Biomineral” products are lower and products have simple storage conditions, high activity and long shelf life.

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