We have developed and tested several biological products. One of the main advantages of our product range is ease of use and environmental friendliness.

Biomineral LLC offers the following biological products:

Biological products for pig and poultry farms. Eliminates cleaning of all types of waste, completely eliminates odors of production and leads to zero energy costs of heating systems in cool periods of the year; after updating the litter, the old litter is a good fertilizer;
Bio fertilizers includes nitrogen-fixing bacteria in symbiosis with other microorganisms, immobilized on modified composites from natural materials, enrich plants with nitrogen, micro elements, phosphorus compounds, improve soil structure and are considered environmentally friendly products;
Biological products used to clean the cesspools and septic tanks. Completely eliminates unpleasant odors, decomposes fecal matter, paper, grease, soap and detergents and minimizes the need for disposal of waste;
Biological products for the purification of contaminated water and soil. Using microorganisms, they decompose petroleum products and other hydrocarbon compounds.
Biologic – composters, for the accelerated processing of agricultural and other bio-waste into environmental fertilizers.
Biological products to create optimal water conditions in ponds, fountains and decorative ponds. Accelerate the process of natural biological decomposition of any organic suspensions and waste products of aquatic inhabitants.
About biotic biological products for farm animals.
Mycotoxin adsorbents based on modified natural composite materials.

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