Armenian producer Biomineral LLC offers a new method for preventing environmental risks from large farms

The most acute environmental problems are gases produced in giant pig farms, primarily methane and ammonia gas. Their concentration is so high that in the event of an accident in the ventilation system (working in the pigsty around the clock) pigs die of suffocation. Working ventilation develops smells in the surroundings.

Gas poisoning is regularly recorded in pig workers, they develop appropriate occupational diseases: diseases of the stomach, eyes, including the brain.

It is known that pig manure is very aggressive towards the environment. Before applying it to fertilizers, in farms pork feces traditionally stand for a long time in order to neutralize as much as possible the pathogenic microbes present in them, helmets eggs and weed seeds.

The proposed technology in pig and poultry farming eliminates the cleaning of all types of waste, completely eliminates production odors and leads to zero energy costs of heating systems during cold periods of the year, and the waste litter is an excellent fertilizer for your vegetable garden.

Bacteria used in this technology are considered completely safe for animals, birds, people and around the environment.

Thus, this technology in the pig industry is considered environmentally friendly and waste-free, using any wood and straw waste.

This method differs from the existing sudden decrease in prices and the requirements for the conditions for obtaining and storing biological products. The existing biopreparations with extensive use in agriculture, cleaning systems and other industries are difficult to produce and are very demanding to storage conditions, which directly affects the shelf life and activity of the substance. The more requirements – the harder they are to comply.

Our technology of immobilization of biological products on sorbents obtained from modified natural materials with good adsorbing ability (zeolites, diatomites, bentonites, etc.) dramatically prolongs the shelf life of biological products, guarantees the highest safety and activity of microorganisms, at least 2 years or more, with storage under normal conditions.

Technologies for obtaining a mixture of natural materials, as well as their modification and mixing in certain proportions, allow increasing the class and activity of microorganisms for which sorbents are a preserving medium.

Immobilization of biological products on natural modified composites is also obtained in rather simple ways, and drying the obtained products is also quite simple and does not require low temperatures and vacuum (lyophilization process), which are inevitable in other technologies. As a result, in comparison with other similar products, ours are distinguished by low cost (expensive equipment, low-temperature refrigerators, vacuum evaporators, etc.,), simple storage conditions, high activity and long shelf life are not used.

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